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Takashi Huzishiro had to drop out of school and stay in hospital for a while due to a mental breakdown. After getting better, he now attends to an evening school.

This story is about his experiences meeting three girls that are wounded like him. Maybe in each other, they can find the cure for the loneliness and sorrow they felt so deeply…

Damn, this game must be tailor made for emo kids.

ch_2151_s.jpg CH-2151 CHARACTER 佐倉 詩希 [雪] U ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2207_s.jpg CH-2207 CHARACTER 古坂 有花 [日] C ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2174_s.jpg CH-2174 CHARACTER 宮 七雄 [月] C ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2167_s.jpg CH-2167 CHARACTER 宮 智子 [月] C ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2188_s.jpg CH-2188 CHARACTER 川原 真名 [花] U ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2168_s.jpg CH-2168 CHARACTER 川原 砂緒 [月] R ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2173_s.jpg CH-2173 CHARACTER 希崎 恵 [月] U ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2187_s.jpg CH-2187 CHARACTER 柚月 未憂 [花] U ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
ch_2215_s.jpg CH-2215 CHARACTER 設楽 章 [日] C ANGEL TYPE minori1.0
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