Buraban! -The Bonds of Melody-

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You play as part of the brass section of the school band. However, they have closed your school due to low student population and have redistricted all who went there to another school. That school's brass band has already been well established there, and your new school cannot have two brass bands. Not only that, but they ridicule you and your classmates and consider the lot of you untalented. To remedy this situation, the two bands have been issued a contestjudged by the student bodyto see who is truly better and who will be the formal brass band. You only have a month to practice and be the best.

ch_3516_s.jpg CH-3516 CHARACTER 中ノ島 妙 [花] R ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3516B_s.jpg CH-3516B CHARACTER 中ノ島 妙 [花] P ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3516K_s.jpg CH-3516K CHARACTER 中ノ島 妙 [花] P ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3498_s.jpg CH-3498 CHARACTER 今宮 紀子 [月] R ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3498B_s.jpg CH-3498B CHARACTER 今宮 紀子 [月] P ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3498K_s.jpg CH-3498K CHARACTER 今宮 紀子 [月] P ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3536_s.jpg CH-3536 CHARACTER 伊丹 杏子 [日] U ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3512_s.jpg CH-3512 CHARACTER 塚本 麻衣 [花] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3530_s.jpg CH-3530 CHARACTER 大河原 甚五郎 [日] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3485_s.jpg CH-3485 CHARACTER 御影 須美 [雪] U ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3505_s.jpg CH-3505 CHARACTER 新開地 和音 [月] U ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3499_s.jpg CH-3499 CHARACTER 朝霧 春奈 [月] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3531_s.jpg CH-3531 CHARACTER 海老原 みなせ [日] R ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3531A_s.jpg CH-3531A CHARACTER 海老原 みなせ [日] NP1 ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3531B_s.jpg CH-3531B CHARACTER 海老原 みなせ [日] P ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3540_s.jpg CH-3540 CHARACTER 芦屋 宗一郎 [日] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3522_s.jpg CH-3522 CHARACTER 雲雀丘 由貴 [宙] R ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3522A_s.jpg CH-3522A CHARACTER 雲雀丘 由貴 [宙] NP1 ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3522B_s.jpg CH-3522B CHARACTER 雲雀丘 由貴 [宙] P ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3544_s.jpg CH-3544 CHARACTER 香住 純 [無] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3529_s.jpg CH-3529 CHARACTER 鶴橋 健太郎 [日] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0568B_s.jpg EV-0568B EVENT ストレス発散 [宙] P ぶらばん!! オータムキャンペーン2011
ev_0568_s.jpg EV-0568 EVENT ストレス発散 [宙] U ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0553_s.jpg EV-0553 EVENT 勧誘 [雪] R ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0566_s.jpg EV-0566 EVENT 重箱弁当 [花] U ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
it_0253_s.jpg IT-0253 ITEM 没収 [月] U ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
it_0255_s.jpg IT-0255 ITEM 演奏指導 [花] C ぶらばん!! ゆずソフト2.0
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