Card Table Design Test
  • ID: CH-0079D
  • Name: Tsukimiya Ayu (月宮 あゆ/)
  • Sex/Rarity: ♀ / R
  • Color / EX / Cost: [雪] / 1 / [雪][雪][無][無]
  • AP / DP / SP: 2 / 2 / 1
  • Placement:


Standard Abilities: [STD-A]Escape[STD-A-COST][0][STD-A]Aggressive[STD-A-COST][STD-A]Dash[STD-A-COST]
Special Ability: Miracle (奇跡/kiseki)
Effect: このキャラが場からゴミ箱に置かれたとき、このキャラの持ち主は自分のデッキの内容を見て、カード1枚を選び自分の手札に入れる。デッキをシャッフルする。

When this character leaves play into dustbox, the owner of this character look into his or her deck, select a card and put it into his or her hands. Shuffle the deck.

Original: Kanon
Illustrator: VisualArt’s/Key/百花屋
Expansion: key from animation
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