Chotto Sunao ni Donburi Kanjou
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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The main hero, Mutou Shoutarou lives on a dorm run by the Kamishiro family, and they get along pretty well everyday.
But one day, his childhood friend Makimura Minori came to his place.
"Shou-chan, I'm gonna be your Christmas Present!"
Then in a month early of Shoutarou's christmas present, started the girls' competition to get Shoutarou.

The manager in his residing dorm, Makimura Tamami who had a huge crush in him, and her 2 daughters,
Kotori and Hina also decided to join the competition. And finally, Yukine, Minori's litle sister who hated
Shoutarou to death followed her sister to force her to return home.
How can Shoutarou face this circumstances? — Love Comedy with Donburi Outbreak

ch_0877+_s.jpg CH-0877+ CHARACTER 牧村 みのり [月] C ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 MIXベースドエディション
ch_0877_s.jpg CH-0877 CHARACTER 牧村 みのり [月] U ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ch_0877B_s.jpg CH-0877B CHARACTER 牧村 みのり [月] P ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ch_0868_s.jpg CH-0868 CHARACTER 牧村 雪音 [雪] C ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ch_0874_s.jpg CH-0874 CHARACTER 神代 ことり [月] C ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ch_0908_s.jpg CH-0908 CHARACTER 神代 ヒナ [日] C ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ch_0911_s.jpg CH-0911 CHARACTER 神代 珠美 [日] U ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ev_0279_s.jpg EV-0279 EVENT サンタさん [花] C ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ev_0286_s.jpg EV-0286 EVENT 家事三本勝負 [花] R ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
ev_0273+_s.jpg EV-0273+ EVENT 異次元物体 [月] U ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 MIXベースドエディション
ev_0273_s.jpg EV-0273 EVENT 異次元物体 [月] R ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
it_0158_s.jpg IT-0158 ITEM 決めのポーズ [日] C ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 ういんどみる1.0
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