Demiurgos no Musume PE

The main character got involved in a traffic accident six months ago and he is still unconscious…. One night, a miko appears in his dream and says, "Please keep this." What she hands him is a sword. "If you lose it, your country will be in trouble…." She says so and disappears…. On the next day, he regains his consciousness and finds himself holding the sword. A while later, he leaves the hospital and comes back to his house. However, the miko appears again. Her name is Tamayorihime. It seems she lost all her memories. Also, only he can see and touch her. He is happy to live with her, but some evil people appear around him and he is pursued by a mysterious sister and several men in black suits. At the same time, he gets a power that can cut people's hearts through the Tamayorihime's sword. What is the power of Demiourgos? Will he be able to protect his family and important people…?

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