Double Sensei Life
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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After transferring to a new school our hero is trying to find a new place to live (with the help of his parents). He finds a posting of a woman wanting a couple of roommates. When he responds he finds that one position has already been filled. Feeling that time is running out, he heads over to find that the women are in fact total bishoujo. Not only that, but they teach at the same school he's going too. How will he hold up; living with the very women who grade/judge him in his daily life? He has only about three weeks until he can find another place to live.

ch_2090_s.jpg CH-2090 CHARACTER 十宮 夏姫 [日] R だぶる先生らいふっ アリスソフト5.0
ch_2090A_s.jpg CH-2090A CHARACTER 十宮 夏姫 [日] NP だぶる先生らいふっ アリスソフト5.0
ch_2091_s.jpg CH-2091 CHARACTER 埴御 一二三 [日] U だぶる先生らいふっ アリスソフト5.0
ch_2008_s.jpg CH-2008 CHARACTER 埴御 四五七 [雪] U だぶる先生らいふっ アリスソフト5.0
ch_2055_s.jpg CH-2055 CHARACTER 笹塚 都 [花] C だぶる先生らいふっ アリスソフト5.0
ch_2025_s.jpg CH-2025 CHARACTER 黒崎 時雨 [月] U だぶる先生らいふっ アリスソフト5.0
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