There is a prophecy, when the destruction draws near, a messiah will come from a world beyond to save us all

Ookawa Makoto, while returning home from school, finds an old but highly decorated book, thinking that it might be valuable she takes it home. When she shows it to his brother Taiga, they decide to open the lock on it and check it out before trying to sell it somewhere. But when they do a brilliant light surrounds them.

When they woke up they find themselves surrounded by old stone buildings, almost like the ones that they have seen in the history books about Medieval Europe. Before hey understand whats happening two energetic woman appears before them and says "Welcome to the Messiah Training Academy!"

They are forcefully enrolled into this academy and while trying to find a way to return to their world they discover that they actually hold the very keys that would change the fate of this world…

ch_3570_s.jpg CH-3570 CHARACTER イムニティ [雪] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3586_s.jpg CH-3586 CHARACTER クレシーダ・バーンフリート [月] R DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3586A_s.jpg CH-3586A CHARACTER クレシーダ・バーンフリート [月] NP1 DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3663_s.jpg CH-3663 CHARACTER シェザル [宙] C DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3708_s.jpg CH-3708 CHARACTER セルビウム・ボルト [日] C DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3693_s.jpg CH-3693 CHARACTER ダウニー・リード [宙] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3583_s.jpg CH-3583 CHARACTER ダリア・クラフォード [月] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3699_s.jpg CH-3699 CHARACTER ナナシ [日] R DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3726_s.jpg CH-3726 CHARACTER ヒイラギ・カエデ [日] R DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3726B_s.jpg CH-3726B CHARACTER ヒイラギ・カエデ [日] P DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3732_s.jpg CH-3732 CHARACTER ブラック・パピヨン [日] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3597_s.jpg CH-3597 CHARACTER ベリオ・トロープ [月] R DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3602_s.jpg CH-3602 CHARACTER ミュリエル・シアフィールド [月] C DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3692_s.jpg CH-3692 CHARACTER ムドウ [宙] C DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3574_s.jpg CH-3574 CHARACTER リコ・リス [雪] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3671_s.jpg CH-3671 CHARACTER リリィ・シアフィールド [宙] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3690_s.jpg CH-3690 CHARACTER ルビナス・フローリアス [宙] R DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3672_s.jpg CH-3672 CHARACTER ロベリア・リード [宙] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3730_s.jpg CH-3730 CHARACTER 当真 大河 [日] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
ch_3641_s.jpg CH-3641 CHARACTER 当真 未亜 [花] U DUEL SAVIOR 戯画1.0
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