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"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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Leo is called a genius in using basic magic spells. But he is still learning the spells for monster capturing and he can't even tame weak monsters yet.One day he meets with a monster girl 'Captain Vanilla' and she teleports him to a mysterious island saying this will help him master his magic.

This island is taken over by Baron Squid and turned it into his personal paradise. Now he is abducting monster girls from all over the world to chose one to be his wife. Confined to this island with the angry humiliated monster girls Leo with his ability to capture monsters decides to trust his mastery in basic spells and lead the monster girls to fight against the squids.

ch_0373_s.jpg CH-0373 CHARACTER イカ男爵 [無] R GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0373C_s.jpg CH-0373C CHARACTER イカ男爵 [無] P GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0495_s.jpg CH-0495 CHARACTER エリナ・バッチ [雪] C GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0495A_s.jpg CH-0495A CHARACTER エリナ・バッチ [雪] K GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0495C_s.jpg CH-0495C CHARACTER エリナ・バッチ [雪] GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0567_s.jpg CH-0567 CHARACTER キャプテンバニラ [日] U GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0519_s.jpg CH-0519 CHARACTER きゃんきゃん [花] C GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0519A_s.jpg CH-0519A CHARACTER きゃんきゃん [花] K GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0511+_s.jpg CH-0511+ CHARACTER クスシ [月] R GALZOO MIXベースドエディション
ch_0511_s.jpg CH-0511 CHARACTER クスシ [月] R GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0511C_s.jpg CH-0511C CHARACTER クスシ [月] R GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0511D_s.jpg CH-0511D CHARACTER クスシ [月] NP1 GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0523_s.jpg CH-0523 CHARACTER メイドさん [花] U GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0530_s.jpg CH-0530 CHARACTER やもりん [宙] C GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0570_s.jpg CH-0570 CHARACTER レオパルド・マーラ [無] C GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
ch_0565_s.jpg CH-0565 CHARACTER 中華てんてん [日] U GALZOO アリスソフト3.0
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