Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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You start off as Tsukioka Akira. He’s a normal dude living his usual life. Except for one thing. His twin sister is sickly and is in the hospital. She can’t go to school. Problem is that she’s been sick for too long and she may have to repeat the year, or worse drop out of school.
So his parents being the most clever people in the world, decided to send him, the splitting image of his sister, over to the all-girls prestigious school to go undercover as his sister, and live her life for a while so that when she comes back, she can take his place without dropping out of school or repeating. Of course it’s a stupid idea and he resisted, but him, being someone who is easily swept away, gave in.

So thereon starts his incredible life in a harem all girls school.

ch_3377_s.jpg CH-3377 CHARACTER 佐上 薫 [日] R 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3379_s.jpg CH-3379 CHARACTER 名木城 都 [日] U 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3328_s.jpg CH-3328 CHARACTER 宝生 聖佳 [宙] R 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3366_s.jpg CH-3366 CHARACTER 山本 眞弥子 [日] U 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3315_s.jpg CH-3315 CHARACTER 月丘 彰 [花] C 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3292_s.jpg CH-3292 CHARACTER 藍那 祈 [花] U 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3243_s.jpg CH-3243 CHARACTER 鹿島 志鶴 [月] C 花と乙女に祝福を ウィルプラス1.0
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