"Hello, World."

Set in Akihabara in the near future, "Hello, world." is a hearty, feature-length, cyber battle-action/campus-life story about a robot boy and the girls that surround him.
Tremendous progress has been made in technical advances. Various networks have taken strongholds with each new generation. Though not nearly advanced as humans, two-legged robots are utilized in many practical areas throughout the world. Amid worldwide peace, the human race remains unchanged.

Kazuki Tomonaga is a robot made by an entity called "HIKARI" for the purpose of "GLOBAL ILLUMINATION". He's created with ingenuity as precise as that of a human being. Kazuki is commanded to research the concepts of "human emotion". Along the way he meets various girls and has exchanges with them. In their "exchanges" his "curiosity" gradually turns into "affection" and his mission becomes more intense. He gradually starts to build his own philosophy, not knowing he will be forced to make crucially important decisions in the near future.

ch_1219_s.jpg CH-1219 CHARACTER ハルカ [雪][花] U Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1311_s.jpg CH-1311 CHARACTER 久我山 深佳 [日] U Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1227_s.jpg CH-1227 CHARACTER 久我山 若佳菜 [月] R Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1227A_s.jpg CH-1227A CHARACTER 久我山 若佳菜 [月] K Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1314_s.jpg CH-1314 CHARACTER 入間 佐知美 [日] U Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1223_s.jpg CH-1223 CHARACTER 北城 千絵梨 [月] C Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1245_s.jpg CH-1245 CHARACTER 友永 和樹 [月] R Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1256_s.jpg CH-1256 CHARACTER 友永 遥香 [花] R Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1256C_s.jpg CH-1256C CHARACTER 友永 遥香 [花] Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1264_s.jpg CH-1264 CHARACTER 影山 そあら [花] C Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1115_s.jpg CH-1115 CHARACTER 愛原 奈都美 [花] U Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1253_s.jpg CH-1253 CHARACTER 浦和 みここ [花] C Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1309_s.jpg CH-1309 CHARACTER 笹ヶ瀬 薫 [日] R Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
ch_1244_s.jpg CH-1244 CHARACTER 麻生 純子 [月] R Hello,world. ニトロプラス1.0
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