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Takumi Kaizu is a normal high school student enjoying his final year in school with the rest of his friends. Over the years, he has made good memories with these friends of his, most of whom are girls, though apparently still have no overt feelings of attraction towards any of them. When asked by his best male friend Osamu Funada if he likes anyone, Takumi starts to think about it though is still confused on what to do next. With his last summer in high school quickly approaching, Takumi decides to find someone to like by the end of summer vacation.

ch_4175A_s.jpg CH-4175A CHARACTER 波多野 小奈美 [花] NP1 _summer HOOKSOFT1.0
ch_4213_s.jpg CH-4213 CHARACTER 海老塚 信乃 [日] R _summer HOOKSOFT1.0
ch_4218_s.jpg CH-4218 CHARACTER 海老塚 信乃 [日] P _summer HOOKSOFT1.0
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