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It's a surprisingly bittersweet tale about a guy named Tomoya Mikami who actually was dating the girl of his dreams, Ayaka Hizuki, for a long time…only to have her die tragically a good while before the game starts. The game even begins with Tomoya having a flashback about Ayaka whilst walking to the train station to get to school. On the train, as usual, is Yue Imasaka - a close friend of Tomoya and Ayaka who pretty much grew up with them. The gist of the story is that Tomoya feels that he's spent enough time grieving over the loss of Ayaka and is ready to try his hand at love again and hopefully find another wonderful girl to make beautiful memories with. (from

ch_2849_s.jpg CH-2849 CHARACTER 今坂 唯笑 [花] R Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2849B_s.jpg CH-2849B CHARACTER 今坂 唯笑 [花] P Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2849K_s.jpg CH-2849K CHARACTER 今坂 唯笑 [花] P Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2898_s.jpg CH-2898 CHARACTER 伊吹 みなも [雪] R Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2898B_s.jpg CH-2898B CHARACTER 伊吹 みなも [雪] P Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2898K_s.jpg CH-2898K CHARACTER 伊吹 みなも [雪] P Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2919_s.jpg CH-2919 CHARACTER 双海 詩音 [月] R Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2919A_s.jpg CH-2919A CHARACTER 双海 詩音 [月] SP Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2919C_s.jpg CH-2919C CHARACTER 双海 詩音 [月] Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2919+_s.jpg CH-2919+ CHARACTER 双海 詩音 [月] R Memories Off(P-1) MIXベースドエディション
ch_2942_s.jpg CH-2942 CHARACTER 桧月 彩花 [花] U Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2952_s.jpg CH-2952 CHARACTER 霧島 小夜美 [宙] U Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
ch_2964_s.jpg CH-2964 CHARACTER 音羽 かおる [日] C Memories Off(P-1) 5pb.1.0
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