Memories Off 3 Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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Shougo is an ordinary if somewhat lazy university student. Instead of studying he prefers to hangout with other regular visitors in a place called the Cubic Cafe. Several years ago his girlfriend Kanata suddenly left him, disappearing without a trace and giving him no message on why she ran off. One day, completely by chance, the two happen to meet each other again in that cafe.

The story takes place in summer, a year after the events of Memories Off 2nd.

ch_2960_s.jpg CH-2960 CHARACTER 児玉 響 [日] U 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
ch_2961_s.jpg CH-2961 CHARACTER 北原 那由多 [日] C 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
ch_2904_s.jpg CH-2904 CHARACTER 百瀬 環 [雪] U 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
ch_2924_s.jpg CH-2924 CHARACTER 荷嶋 深歩 [花] C 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
ch_2929_s.jpg CH-2929 CHARACTER 荷嶋 音緒 [花] U 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
ch_2929+_s.jpg CH-2929+ CHARACTER 荷嶋 音緒 [花] C 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) MIXベースドエディション
ch_2953_s.jpg CH-2953 CHARACTER 鳴海 沙子 [宙] R 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
ch_2917_s.jpg CH-2917 CHARACTER 黒須 カナタ [月] C 想い出にかわる君 ~Memories Off~(P-3) 5pb.1.0
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