O-kitsune Summer
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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Kyohei had a younger sister in the old days. But they got separated, and his mother passed away. His father gets married again, and Kyohei starts to live with new mother and younger sister, who likes watching stars. One day, they visit his uncle's hotel "Maple" during their trip. Kyohei and his sister play with a mysterious fox there, and the fox gives him the wish star, which makes any wish come true. But several years later, his family gets separated…. When he grows up, he starts to work at "Maple" part-time every summer. There is a girl, who likes watching stars. The summer comes again….

ch_2290_s.jpg CH-2290 CHARACTER 佐藤 彗佳 [花] U おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2271_s.jpg CH-2271 CHARACTER 朝比奈 一子 [花] U おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2261_s.jpg CH-2261 CHARACTER 桑原 詩音 [月] U おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2304_s.jpg CH-2304 CHARACTER 楠木 加代 [宙] U おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2323_s.jpg CH-2323 CHARACTER 楠木 由美 [日] U おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2326_s.jpg CH-2326 CHARACTER 能登 茉莉絵 [日] U おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2240+_s.jpg CH-2240+ CHARACTER 鈴緒 [雪] R おキツネsummer MIXベースドエディション
ch_2240C_s.jpg CH-2240C CHARACTER 鈴緒 [雪] P おキツネsummer MIXベースドエディション
ch_2240_s.jpg CH-2240 CHARACTER 鈴緒 [雪] R おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2240B_s.jpg CH-2240B CHARACTER 鈴緒 [雪] P おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2240K_s.jpg CH-2240K CHARACTER 鈴緒 [雪] P おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
ch_2254_s.jpg CH-2254 CHARACTER 鯉川 理恵 [月] C おキツネsummer NEXTON1.0
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