Only You -Re Cross-
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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One day an evil mark appears on Magami Yuuji's right arm. To protect the earth from the ancient, world-destroying evil which is honing in on it, the governments send assassins after Yuuji.

To protect eight precious girls, and on advice from his Master Tiger Joe, he decides to fight - against the entire world, if necessary.

ch_0548_s.jpg CH-0548 CHARACTER タイガージョー [宙] R Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
ch_0548B_s.jpg CH-0548B CHARACTER タイガージョー [宙] P Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
ch_0577_s.jpg CH-0577 CHARACTER 金のタイガージョー [無] L Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
ch_0577+_s.jpg CH-0577+ CHARACTER 金のタイガージョー [無] L Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
ch_0542_s.jpg CH-0542 CHARACTER 魔神 勇二 [宙] C Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
ch_0542B_s.jpg CH-0542B CHARACTER 魔神 勇二 [宙] P Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
ch_0543_s.jpg CH-0543 CHARACTER 鴉丸 羅喉 [宙] C Only you-リ・クルス- アリスソフト3.0
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