Princess Frontier
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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Ryu is a practice knight. One day, he accidentally stumbles during an important ceremony and his life turns around 180 degrees. He is degraded to a boss of a security group stationed on the edge of nowhere. A few days later, when he arrives the village, his co-workers welcome him. And he somehow enjoys his country life there through various troubles and accidents. One day, a boy comes to the village. He is arrogant and unyielding. Actually, it is the princess who shunted him….

ch_3451_s.jpg CH-3451 CHARACTER アルエミーナ・リューシー・テクスフォルト・ゼフィランス [月] R PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3451A_s.jpg CH-3451A CHARACTER アルエミーナ・リューシー・テクスフォルト・ゼフィランス [月] NP2 PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3474_s.jpg CH-3474 CHARACTER ミント・テトラ [日] R PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3474A_s.jpg CH-3474A CHARACTER ミント・テトラ [日] NP1 PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3444_s.jpg CH-3444 CHARACTER レキ・ロックハート [日] U PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3444A_s.jpg CH-3444A CHARACTER レキ・ロックハート [日] K2 PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3457_s.jpg CH-3457 CHARACTER ロコナ [花] R PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3457A_s.jpg CH-3457A CHARACTER ロコナ [花] K2 PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3457B_s.jpg CH-3457B CHARACTER ロコナ [花] P PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
ch_3457K_s.jpg CH-3457K CHARACTER ロコナ [花] P PrincessFrontier AXL1.0
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