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"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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The story is pretty simple - Hikari ("Light"), the red haired girl that you see in an opening clip, has been kidnapped. And Rance get the mission from his boss (the bald guy) to investigate the case.

Rance is something like a detective in this story. This also turns the whole game more into a detective-like exploring than into rpg or more less rpg/strategy to which the gamers of the latter games of the series are used to. Rance isn’t alone in his job as he has a helper - 16 year old Sill. She's actually Rance's slave. She was from a rich family but later got kidnapped by some bandit and then auctioned as a slave. The one who bought her was of course Rance.

Now with her help you (Rance) have to solve this mystery, bring Hikari back and pay back to the ones at fault.

ev_0061_s.jpg EV-0061 EVENT Mボム [花] U Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0057_s.jpg EV-0057 EVENT ハーレム送り [月] R Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0072_s.jpg EV-0072 EVENT 世直し [無] R Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0067_s.jpg EV-0067 EVENT 宣戦布告 [日] U Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0054_s.jpg EV-0054 EVENT 浄化 [月] U Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0050_s.jpg EV-0050 EVENT 発明 [月] C Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0053_s.jpg EV-0053 EVENT 相場操作 [月] C Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0060_s.jpg EV-0060 EVENT 配達 [花] C Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0070_s.jpg EV-0070 EVENT 鉄拳制裁 [無] U Rance アリスソフト1.1
ev_0071_s.jpg EV-0071 EVENT 魂交換装置 [無] R Rance アリスソフト1.1
it_0039_s.jpg IT-0039 ITEM レベルアップ [花] U Rance アリスソフト1.1
it_0036_s.jpg IT-0036 ITEM 封印 [雪] R Rance アリスソフト1.1
it_0034_s.jpg IT-0034 ITEM 復讐ちゃん [雪] R Rance アリスソフト1.1
it_0035_s.jpg IT-0035 ITEM 試験勉強 [雪] C Rance アリスソフト1.1
it_0042_s.jpg IT-0042 ITEM 魔剣カオス [宙] C Rance アリスソフト1.1
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