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The story takes place in 21st Century Japan (approximately at the end of April 2010). The main character Nasu Souichi is a perfectly ordinary high school student, who tries to do as little as possible everyday, and sleeps though most of his classes, only ever to be woken up by his friend Yuasa Satsuki. They believe they are living in a peaceful time, where no large wars are occurring.

However, these peaceful days are destroyed, when a number of large ships disappear at sea, almost instantly, and with no explanation as to why. A strange woman named Lisa=Vixen suddenly appears and attacks Souichi… however Souichi also has his share of secrets.

ch_0031_s.jpg CH-0031 CHARACTER さくや [花] C Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0044A_s.jpg CH-0044A CHARACTER リサ・ヴィクセン [宙] K Routes リーフ1.0
ch_0044_s.jpg CH-0044 CHARACTER リサ・ヴィクセン [宙] U Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0018_s.jpg CH-0018 CHARACTER 伏見 ゆかり [月] U Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0018A_s.jpg CH-0018A CHARACTER 伏見 ゆかり [月] K Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0016_s.jpg CH-0016 CHARACTER 梶原 夕菜 [月] C Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0059_s.jpg CH-0059 CHARACTER 湯浅 皐月 [日] R Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0059C_s.jpg CH-0059C CHARACTER 湯浅 皐月 [日] R Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0059D_s.jpg CH-0059D CHARACTER 湯浅 皐月 [日] K Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0025_s.jpg CH-0025 CHARACTER 立田 七海 [花] C Routes リーフ1.1
ch_0043_s.jpg CH-0043 CHARACTER 那須 宗一 [宙] U Routes リーフ1.1
ev_0009_s.jpg EV-0009 EVENT ラストリゾート [月] U Routes リーフ1.1
ev_0004_s.jpg EV-0004 EVENT 逮捕 [雪] U Routes リーフ1.1
it_0015_s.jpg IT-0015 ITEM FN P90 [宙] C Routes リーフ1.1
it_0014_s.jpg IT-0014 ITEM チーフスペシャル [宙] C Routes リーフ1.1
it_0017_s.jpg IT-0017 ITEM ナビゲーター [日] U Routes リーフ1.1
it_0010_s.jpg IT-0010 ITEM 草薙の剣 [花] R Routes リーフ1.1
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