Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu
She's waiting for your action.

"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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Tomo Wakutsu was brought up by his mother as a girl due to a small mark he has on his body. After his mother's death, he discovers via her will that she emphasizes Tomo continue to live as a female, and following this, Tomo starts to go through more troubles in his life. Tomo soon discovers that he is linked with five girls who are around his age as a second year high school student. These girls happen to have the same mark he has, and also have been going through hardships in their lives. Tomo and these five girls decide to form a pact to stay together and support each other to solve each of their problems and to bring peace to their lives.

The title Rui wa Tomo o Yobu is also a Japanese proverb equivalent to the English proverb "birds of a feather flock together" when written with the kanji and kana 類は友を呼ぶ.

ch_2741_s.jpg CH-2741 CHARACTER 冬篠 宮和 [月] C るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2761_s.jpg CH-2761 CHARACTER 和久津 智 [花] R るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2761A_s.jpg CH-2761A CHARACTER 和久津 智 [花] NP2 るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2761B_s.jpg CH-2761B CHARACTER 和久津 智 [花] P るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2813_s.jpg CH-2813 CHARACTER 和久津 智 [花] P るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2734_s.jpg CH-2734 CHARACTER 和久津 真耶 [月] C るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2771+_s.jpg CH-2771+ CHARACTER 尹 央輝 [宙] C るいは智を呼ぶ MIXベースドエディション
ch_2771_s.jpg CH-2771 CHARACTER 尹 央輝 [宙] U るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2779+_s.jpg CH-2779+ CHARACTER 才野原 惠 [宙] C るいは智を呼ぶ MIXベースドエディション
ch_2779_s.jpg CH-2779 CHARACTER 才野原 惠 [宙] C るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2779B_s.jpg CH-2779B CHARACTER 才野原 惠 [宙] P るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2748+_s.jpg CH-2748+ CHARACTER 白鞘 伊代 [月] R るいは智を呼ぶ MIXベースドエディション
ch_2748_s.jpg CH-2748 CHARACTER 白鞘 伊代 [月] R るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2748C_s.jpg CH-2748C CHARACTER 白鞘 伊代 [月] るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2809_s.jpg CH-2809 CHARACTER 皆元 るい [日] R るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2766_s.jpg CH-2766 CHARACTER 花城 花鶏 [宙] R るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2766B_s.jpg CH-2766B CHARACTER 花城 花鶏 [宙] P るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2766K_s.jpg CH-2766K CHARACTER 花城 花鶏 [宙] P るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2759_s.jpg CH-2759 CHARACTER 芳川 佐知子 [花] C るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2724_s.jpg CH-2724 CHARACTER 茅場 茜子 [雪] C るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2742_s.jpg CH-2742 CHARACTER 蝉丸 いずる [月] U るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2756+_s.jpg CH-2756+ CHARACTER 鳴滝 こより [花] R るいは智を呼ぶ MIXベースドエディション
ch_2756_s.jpg CH-2756 CHARACTER 鳴滝 こより [花] R るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2756A_s.jpg CH-2756A CHARACTER 鳴滝 こより [花] NP1 るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
ch_2767_s.jpg CH-2767 CHARACTER 鳴滝 小夜里 [宙] C るいは智を呼ぶ あかべぇそふとつぅ2.0
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