Te to Te Try On!
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"This is no good… no good at all." —Ushiromiya Battler
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There is a high school located in the country. The school is full of equipments created by the newest technology. However, almost all of functions stop when a typhoon comes and system troubles happen one by one. There is no electricity and water. Students have no time to study, but they somehow enjoy their school life. Shinichiro is a transfer student and joins the School Retrieval Committee. Their mission is to repair system troubles for other students…

ch_3293_s.jpg CH-3293 CHARACTER 倉田 ちさと [花] C てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3216_s.jpg CH-3216 CHARACTER 十倉 手鞠 [雪] R てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3398+_s.jpg CH-3398+ CHARACTER 織原 夏海 [日] C てとてトライオン! MIXベースドエディション
ch_3398_s.jpg CH-3398 CHARACTER 織原 夏海 [日] R てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3398B_s.jpg CH-3398B CHARACTER 織原 夏海 [日] P てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3380_s.jpg CH-3380 CHARACTER 胡桃沢 鈴姫 [日] U てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3351_s.jpg CH-3351 CHARACTER 葉山 鷹子 [宙] R てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3348_s.jpg CH-3348 CHARACTER 蓮見 一乃 [宙] R てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
ch_3277_s.jpg CH-3277 CHARACTER 藤ヶ峰 芹菜 [月] U てとてトライオン! ウィルプラス1.0
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