There was a big fire at a hospital, and inflicted serious damage. Toya's mother, Suzuno, fell victim as well. After ten years, he still can't overcome sadness. But he somehow enjoys his life with Makina, his younger sister, and Saya. One day, he sees a girl, who looks quite like Suzuno. He can't forget her, and goes after her. He finally talks to her, and thinks she is definitely Suzuno. All of a sudden, she attacks him with smile, and he almost loses his life. But a girl with a sword appears in front of them, and saves him. He doesn't know what's going on, but he thinks, "Is she still alive…?" He starts to search for the truth….

ar_0139_s.jpg AR-0139 AREA コーディネート [月] R EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ar_0139B_s.jpg AR-0139B AREA コーディネート [月] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ar_0139K_s.jpg AR-0139K AREA コーディネート [月] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ar_0138_s.jpg AR-0138 AREA 鍋奉行  [雪] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3494_s.jpg CH-3494 CHARACTER エクセル・ハイパー・カズマ [月] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3518_s.jpg CH-3518 CHARACTER 上御霊 円 [花] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3510_s.jpg CH-3510 CHARACTER 伏見 真姫奈 [花] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3510+_s.jpg CH-3510+ CHARACTER 伏見 真姫奈 [花] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3547_s.jpg CH-3547 CHARACTER 伏見 籐矢 [無] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3521_s.jpg CH-3521 CHARACTER 伏見 鈴乃 [宙] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3497_s.jpg CH-3497 CHARACTER 八坂 尚之 [月] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3490_s.jpg CH-3490 CHARACTER 八坂 紫織 [雪] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3539_s.jpg CH-3539 CHARACTER 加茂 寿士 [日] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3527_s.jpg CH-3527 CHARACTER 宇治上 影臣 [宙] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3493_s.jpg CH-3493 CHARACTER 日向 紅葉 [雪] R EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3493B_s.jpg CH-3493B CHARACTER 日向 紅葉 [雪] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3493K_s.jpg CH-3493K CHARACTER 日向 紅葉 [雪] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3517_s.jpg CH-3517 CHARACTER 白峯 沙耶 [花] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3492_s.jpg CH-3492 CHARACTER 籠 夏希 [雪] R EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3492A_s.jpg CH-3492A CHARACTER 籠 夏希 [雪] NP2 EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3492B_s.jpg CH-3492B CHARACTER 籠 夏希 [雪] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3526_s.jpg CH-3526 CHARACTER 貴船 未緒 [宙] R EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3526B_s.jpg CH-3526B CHARACTER 貴船 未緒 [宙] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3526K_s.jpg CH-3526K CHARACTER 貴船 未緒 [宙] P EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3486_s.jpg CH-3486 CHARACTER 野宮 悠 [雪] R EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ch_3486A_s.jpg CH-3486A CHARACTER 野宮 悠 [雪] NP1 EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0563_s.jpg EV-0563 EVENT バーコード [月] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0559_s.jpg EV-0559 EVENT パチンコ [月] C EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0557_s.jpg EV-0557 EVENT ぼたん鍋 [月] R EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0560_s.jpg EV-0560 EVENT 発火現象 [月] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
ev_0550_s.jpg EV-0550 EVENT 輪廻転生 [雪] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
it_0251_s.jpg IT-0251 ITEM 激辛ソース一気飲み [月] U EXE ゆずソフト2.0
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